angie kenber

Angie Kenber's work seeks to interpret the artist's feelings and experiences of a particular visual environment into painting. The images are as much about the emotional relationship as about physical reality. The images themselves embody an intuitive journey: the colours excite, blend, talk to each other or shout to be heard. Each colour holds its own, working with adjoining and overlapping colours to create a considered wholeness to the image.

The artist is currently inspired by changing views of Bristol: the light of dawn or dusk, the hues in winter light, the effect of snow over landscape.

Angie is an experienced painter who works from her studio at BV Studios, Bedminster, Bristol. During the last few years she has exhibited widely in galleries and shows in London and Oxford, as well as in the New Gallery, RWA, Bristol. Most recently she has had a show at the Grant Bradley Gallery, Bristol.

Angie gained her honours degree in Fine Art at UWE, graduating in 2000.

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Allotments 1
Allotments 1 by Angie Kenber

allotments 1

Bristol - early morning
Bristol - early morning by Angie Kenber

bristol - early morning

City in early light
City in early light by Angie Kenber

city in early light

Early morning snow
Early morning snow by Angie Kenber

early morning snow

Harbour houses
Harbour houses by Angie Kenber

harbour houses

Allotments 2
Allotments 2 by Angie Kenber

allotments 2

View in blue
View in blue by Angie Kenber

view in blue

View in red
View in red by Angie Kenber

view in red

Winter snow 1
Winter snow 1 by Angie Kenber

winter snow 1

Winter fields
Winter fields by Angie Kenber

winter fields